Dental 101: Teeth Whitening Facts You Need to Know

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Nowadays, a lot of people are thinking of having their teeth whitened since numerous enticing products are available in the market. But, there are also claims that such products are ineffective. Instead, opting for the treatments performed by dentists is the best course of action. So, which one really is the best choice? Should a patient go for the convenient home whitening or the one offered at a dental office?

Let us at Woodgrove Family Dentists provide answers to these questions by sharing some facts about teeth whitening.

teeth whitening before and after

Sensitivity can increase after teeth whitening

After a teeth whitening session, the teeth will feel more sensitive than it usually is. This occurrence is due to the dehydration of the tooth, which can last up to 36 hours. People who opted for a professional approach can rest easy since the dentist can apply or suggest a way to find relief from sensitivity.

The effects of teeth whitening can last longer

If the patient only observes the right care and attention for their teeth, it is possible for them to make the most out of their treatment. It can even last longer than its supposed duration if recommendations from the dentist are followed.

Teeth whitening won’t work on prostheses like veneers and crown

No matter how high the teeth whitening concentration, artificial teeth cannot be whitened. Due to the materials used, whitening agents cannot penetrate the prosthesis to remove any stains.

Results are not permanent

Having the teeth whitened, either professionally or by using over the counter products, does not make the effects last forever. If intense-colored substances are mindlessly consumed, the regained luster of the teeth can once again be lost.

Custom-made trays work better

Unlike the whitening trays that come with over the counter products, custom-trays created by dentists based on the measurements taken from the patient can whiten the teeth more effectively. These trays have better coverage of the mouth, so even and favorable results can be achieved.

Teeth whitening is a lot safer if done professionally

Compared to teeth whitening products that are performed by the patients, the ones executed under the watchful eyes and skillful hands of a dentist are undeniably safer. Plus, instructions will be given, which if followed, can ensure no risk to the teeth and other oral structures.

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