The Six Month Smiles Advantage

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Many people have teeth imperfections that keep them from showing off their smiles, especially around other people. When taking pictures, they tend to go for the awkward close-lipped smile just to avoid letting their teeth appear. Unfortunately, hiding their teeth instead of taking the necessary actions have potential consequences to their psychological condition in the long run. The good news is, our patients at Woodgrove Family Dentists who have always avoided orthodontics due to the treatment length and aesthetics can now undergo a more favorable in the form of Six Month Smiles. Know about its advantages below:

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Although Six Month Smiles are not invisible, they are less conspicuous compared to metal braces. Thanks to the advancements in dentistry, the brackets used are now smaller and are using clear materials. On the other hand, the wires are made from tooth-colored materials. With these components, patients no longer have to feel conscious when wearing braces throughout the treatment.


One of the greatest advantages of Six Month Smiles is, it only takes half the time compared to traditional braces. As its name implies, this orthodontic approach straightens teeth in an average of six months; therefore, making it an ideal option for those who are expecting an event or a huge interview without waiting too long.


Contrary to what other people think, Six Month Smiles doesn’t compromise the comfort of wearers to provide quicker results. The wires used are light, fine, and self-ligating to reduce friction. Therefore, patients can expect a more pleasant treatment even with a shorter treatment period.


In the long run, Six Month Smiles offer better savings compared to the conventional orthodontic option thanks to the reduced number of dental appointments throughout.


Six Month Smiles works faster than other teeth straightening options because the treatment focused on the teeth that are the most visible when a person smiles. By doing so, patients are sure to enjoy improved smile aesthetics as soon as the treatment is complete.


Do you prefer to get fast results and a discreet approach when it comes to orthodontics? Our Six Month Smiles in Woodridge, IL is for you! Call or visit us at Woodgrove Family Dentists to get started with your journey to straighter teeth.