The Advantages of Availing Dental Bridges

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As a person ages, they become more susceptible to different dental problems; this is the reason why maintaining a proper dental care routine is essential. One of the best ways to do this is to practice excellent oral health care and to avail of regular dental cleanings. However, if you lost a tooth or two due to a certain oral complication, there are several restoration options available to cater to your needs—for instance, a dental bridge.

Leaving the gaps in your smile unreplaced can cause your teeth to move towards the open space, which may lead to jaw deterioration. On a daily basis, these gaps can make it difficult for you to eat, speak, or feel confident about yourself. But by availing of bridges at Woodgrove Family Dentists, these gaps can be filled with a prosthesis that is sure to look and feel natural.

dental bridge treatment


Are you planning on availing of dental bridges? If so, learn of their advantages by reading on!

Restores your smile

People who are unhappy with a missing tooth can regain their self-confidence through a dental bridge. Dental bridges can replace missing teeth to give you the courage to flaunt your smile once more. People with missing teeth tend to avoid smiling or interacting with others; thanks to this teeth replacement option, your smile is not only restored but so is the quality of your life.

Improves speech

Losing more than one tooth may cause you to have trouble pronouncing certain words or even lead to lisping. To fix this issue, you will need to replace missing teeth as they place a vital role in how words are formed in your mouth. Thankfully, dental bridges can help when it comes to resolving this problem.

Durable and long-lasting

Did you know that according to studies, dental bridges are as durable as crowns? Although they cannot last as long as natural teeth, they will surely last for an extended amount of time if they are appropriately maintained. Remember that a part of your natural teeth is part of the bridge, and regular wear may affect it over time. It is expected that the average life of a dental bridge is ten years, but it can be prolonged if you practice proper oral care.


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